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Natalia DUMITRESCO (1915-1997). Born in Bucharest, Dumitresco is a French-Romanian abstract expressionist, influenced by the works of Wassily Kandinsky. She is associated with the ‘Realités Nouvelles’ movement. Dumitresco graduates from the Fine Arts School in 1939, the same year that she marries painter Alexandru Istrati. She exhibits in Romania and has her first personal exhibition in 1946. Dumitresco and Istrati both move to Paris in 1947 where the Romanian artistic community befriends them. The couple meets Brancusi and work as his assistants for 9 years. They are both heirs to Brancusi’s studios and move into one of them. She wins the Kandinsky Prize in 1955 and obtains first prize at the International Art Exhibition for Women of 1969.
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