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Alexandru ISTRATI

Alexandru ISTRATI

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Alexandru ISTRATI (1915-1991). Istrati is a French-Romanian avant-garde painter, whose colorful work is abstract-expressionist. He begins to paint at the age of 9 but first pursues studies in law. He will then graduate from the Fine Arts School of Bucharest in 1938, where he will stay on as a professor until 1947. In 1939, he marries the abstract expressionist painter Natalia Dumistresco. The couple leaves for Paris in 1947, where they strike a friendship with compatriot Brancusi. They will work as assistants for the famous French-Romanian sculptor, until the latter’s death in 1957. Istrati wins the Kandinsky Prize in 1953 and participates in numerous French Salons. With his wife, he will reorganize ‘Brancusi’s atelier’ at the Centre Georges Pompidou in 1977.
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