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Horia DAMIAN (1922-2012). Born in Bucharest, Damian is a Romanian painter and sculptor. Inspired from a young age by Old Masters like Rembrandt and Velazquez, Damian studies law while developing his artistic talents on his own. He is not yet 20 when he is already nationally recognized for his works and exhibits at prestigious Romanian galleries and Salons. Though acclaimed, Damian feels the need for a change of scenery after the drastic effects of the war. He moves to Paris in 1946 and becomes Fernand Léger’s pupil. He develops an abstract gestural style and will begin to work with relief in 1963, using a variety of materials and evolving into complex plastic constructions. The MAM in Paris dedicates an exhibition to him in 1972, while the Grand Palais hosts his works in 1983. Damian will have occasions to make large-scale works, such as 'Colonne' and the fountain of Saint-Denis. His last works, like 'Le Chevalier Endormi', is a collage series that represents Damian’s final resolution of the meaning of art.
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